Loop 4: Templates (1 day for teams)

You and your team will learn the why, what, how, and the so what!? of a more visual way of working. Your team will gain insights and learn how to work more visually when designing, innovating, creating, facilitating and leading.

You will discover our overall method, the FIVE VISUAL DESIGN LOOPS, and dive deeper into the fourth loop: Designing templates. You will learn the specific method and tool for this loop.

After the course you and your team will have designed more than 12 different templates relevant for any context you need.


  • 8 hours / 12 participants: DKK 45,000+VAT.
  • Included: Our book “Draw more together” and a personal toolbox.
  • Rent our creative space designed and staffed for this type of training: DKK 7,500+VAT

We tailor-make this training for teams of any size.
If you are an educational organization or NGO we may have an offer that suits you too.
The training is delivered in English or Danish.



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