The 8th Element for Visual Facilitation

When working visually – in any given context - you need a large visual vocabulary.

We believe there are 8 elements you can benefit from working with. The first seven help you show people, places, processes, what is said and thought and teachyou to use text, color and effects. The 8th element is your visual language: key words and concepts translated into specific icons.

This 20-page booklet contains 200 icons and 10 templates for facilitating strategic conversations about VISUAL FACILITATION.

It’s a selection of things, people, places, processes, concepts and templates that we’ve come to believe are some of the most important icons and templates you need when working with VISUAL FACILITATION. The content is based on our own practice and the last 15 years in the field.

The icons and templates are easy to draw and use as inspiration when you are preparing or on the fly in a meeting.

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