One could ask why each of the 17 sustainable development goals has an icon and a color attached.

To us it is obvious. The simple illustration below each goal emphasize the meaning of the goal. The icon and color help us remember them and differentiate between them.

Learn to draw each of the 17 goals in this short video:

Join us in building a large visual language for sustainable development. Below you see a beginning of a visual language for climate change organized by using the Icon Designer (Download it here: Icon Designer)

These icons are fitted for conversations around: Goal 13 Climate Action

Expand your visual vocabulary.

When working visually, it is valuable to have a large visual vocabulary—a visual language—that can always be further enlarged and shaped by the projects, conversations and processes we are a part of.

Let’s enlarge our visual vocabulary for sustainable development. You can use the method the Eighth Element:

  • List the most important words for the goal of your focus
  • Categorize words into things, places, people, processes, and concepts.
  • Design icons by visualizing, simplifying, combining, and deciding on their meaning.

When we have 500 icons and at least 20 in each category we will make a e-booklet.

If you share your icons with us or list important words for sustainable development, we will send you the e-booklet for free a soon as it is ready.

Send your words and icons  to