Loop 1-5 Program (7 days for teams)

The purpose of the program is to strengthen the way your team thinks, communicates, and collaborates. The goal is to have a new visual way of working, new skills and developed new tools and approached for immediate impact in your daily work.

You will acquire a holistic understanding of our approach, methods and tools and apply it to specific areas in your organization. As a team you will learn and develop a new shared language, create process designs for key strategic conversions, uncover your most important and impactful questions, design engaging templates that focus and clarify the most crucial conversations, develop playbooks to spread the value of your work and finally set the scene for a continuous strengthening of this new way of working.

The education consists of the following elements:

  • Design loop 1: Develop a visual language
  • Design loop 2: Visually design strategic conversations
  • Design loop 3: Design powerful questions
  • Design loop 4: Design visual templates / canvases
  • Design loop 5: Develop playbooks to cascade and amplify your impact
  • Casework, where each participant works on a specific case over the course of 7 days


  • 7 days x 8 hours in 6 months / 12 participants: DKK 300,000+VAT.
  • Included: Our book “Draw more together” and a personal toolkit.
  • Rent our creative space designed and staffed for this type of training: DKK 7,500+VAT / day

We tailor-make this training for teams of any size.
If you are an educational organization or NGO we may have an offer that suits you too.
The training is delivered in English or Danish.



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