10-Day Certification Program for Trainers

The purpose of the program is to equip each participant with an understanding, the skills and tools needed to offer, plan, deliver and further develop on our methodology. The goal is that participants in the program are certified to offer trainings in the Five Building Blocks of Visual Collaboration, and create value for others and themselves. We strengthen our mission to unlock the potential of a more visual way of working.  


The program is made up of 4 modules over 10 days:

  • Module 1: Method immersion & building block 1 & 2  (2½ days)
  • Module 2: Building block 3 & 4 (2½ days)
  • Module 3: Building block 5 & recap block 1, 2, 3 & 4 (2½ days)
  • Module 4: Certification, Network Enabling & Celebration (2½ days)

After certification a yearly commitment:

  • Network / platform / License: DKK 15.000 +VAT
  • Cost per participant toolbox & book (required): DKK 1.000, minimum 100 / per year  
  • Cost per each training / trainer kit & support (required): DKK 5.000, minimum 10 / year.

We are looking for independent individuals, teams and agencies, who can see themselves get and give value to this kind of network.

Certification classes:

  • Team 1 runs Q1-Q2 of 2020 with a 20% rebate on program cost.
  • Team 2 & 3 runs Q3-Q4 of 2020 with a 10% rebate on program cost.  
  • New teams will be announced as we are ready.


We tailor-make this training.
If you are an educational organization or NGO we may have an offer that suits you too.
The training is delivered in English or Danish.


Program Cost: 100.000 + VAT

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