ONLINE WORKSHOP Remote Visual Collaboration
Why should you come?

You are a business leader, team manager, entrepreneur or educator facilitating meetings, workshops, innovation processes and trainings. Like many peers all over the world you are being forced to find news ways to meet. You are struggling to find the right way to support teams in remote collaborative work.

The course is especially targeted people who:

  • Are curious about how to use visuals in remote meetings, workshops and trainings
  • Are seeking tips and tricks for making them as productive and engaging as face-to-face meetings
  • Already use visuals in your meetings, workshops and training and want to move your practice online
  • Already run remote meetings, workshops and training and want to become more visual

If you have been forced to move your work online and feel stuck with current online methods, tools, and skills that do not match the need you have for your remote meetings to be more visual, engaging and effective, this course is for you.

What you learn:
  • How you can work in a more visual way in virtual meetings (what setup, skills and tools)
  • How to setup, prepare and facilitate online processes
  • How to visually think through any moment of impact and increase its value for yourself and those participating
  • How to create a visual language and templates specific for your online context
  • How others do remote visual collaboration
  • How to map your own skills and plan your own roadmap towards mastery
  • How to grow a visual collaboration culture
What do you get when you join the workshop?
  • Bigger Picture Academy Classroom
  • Bigger Picture Remote Visual Collaboration Space loaded with samples
  • Your own Visual Collaboration Practice Space
  • Plenty of visual templates to learn from
  • Personal production of at least 25 icons, 3 templates and one process design
Who will run the workshop?

This course is hosted by Bigger Picture. The course is designed and facilitated by Loa Baastrup (CEO) and Ole Qvist-Sørensen (founder) of Bigger Picture and co-authors of the book "Visual Collaboration".


1) Equipment: You need a computer with a browser, camera and microphone + a second device (a computer, tablet or smartphone).

2) Your time: This is an intensive course over just 5 days. It requires your time to attend all meeting hours AND you will be asked to work on your own in between each 2½ hour session. You will be provided with a online collaborative workspace where you must finalise each assignment untill next class. There will also be reading and viewing tasks. Every participant will be asked to produce online visual content and present it during the course.

Only if you can attend all five sessions from start to end you receive a certificate of completion.

This is NOT

  • A course on the basics of working remote
  • A course about learning how to draw
  • A self-paced course

The course is limited to 12 participants.

Our book Visual Collaboration

We recommend that you get a copy of our book In it you will find the foundation for our work as it outlines our method and systematic approach for designing and facilitating any meeting, project or process. Remote or not.

But - you do not need the book in order to get value out of this course. On the books site you can download the first chapter of the book plus its nine tools for free.

If you buy the book you will receive a coupon for Bigger Picture Online Academy worth 25€.

Courses 2020

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April 27-28-29-30 & 1. Each day 3.30 pm-6.00 pm CET - GET TICKET HERE - Buy before March 13th and save 200€

May 4-5-6, 7 & 8. Each day 5.30 pm-8.00 pm CET - GET TICKET HERE - Buy before March 13th and save 100€

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You can cancel up to 7 days before course dates and get your money back.

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Equipment, tools and skills
Working visually in online meetings
The virtual visual learning arena (a way of thinking about learning)


Process design, roles and responsibilities
Preparing the visual collaboration space
Creating a visual language (icons and templates)


Ways to use visuals at the start, the middle and end of a remote meeting
How to navigate the space and the tools available
Simulation: The weekly team meeting


Closing the collaboration space
Curating the visual content and synthesizing essences
Follow up with meeting participants, preparing for next steps


Presentation of participant remote meeting designs
Mapping remote visual collaboration skills
Drafting your personal development plan

Course will run with a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 12 participants.


Program Cost: DKK 100.000 + VAT

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